Success Story

CMHN Trust Hospital G8 Markaz Islamabad

Presented by Kaukab Khan Optometrist

6th November 2015

Patient Name: Mrs. Iqbal

Age: 70 years

Gender: Female

Address: Rawalpindi

Visit to hospital: 05th October 2015


Presented with complain of grittiness in left eye after left cataract surgery from Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi (a well know leading institute in Pakistan) 3 years ago.

She visited many Senior Ophthalmic Consultants in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Region and also visited Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital many times with the same complaint but was not satisfied.

She was prescribed different combination eye drops every time she visited doctor but could not get relief of her complain of grittiness and was too worried and stressed due to constant irritation in her eye.

She heard of CMHN Hospital from one of her relative. On visit to CMHN hospital complete eye examination was done by optometrist Kaukab Khan who found loose eye stitches in her left eye on slit lamp examination. Eyelids, cornea and AC were quiet. Patient was referred to Consultant Ophthalmologist Professor Dr. Abdul Munim for removal of stitches (ROS).

Dr. Munim removed patient’s stitches in minor OT and prescribed antibiotic steroid eye drops for two weeks.

On follow-up after two weeks patient came satisfied and very happy as she got relief of her irritating complaint after a long time of 3 years. She was very grateful to CMHN hospital.

It was a simple case but was being overlooked by many senior opthalmologists. According to my understanding all it depends is on keen observation, giving importance to patient’s problem and a thorough examination.