Successful story

 Muhammad Hussain Natt Trust Hospital G8 Markaz Islamabad

Name: M.Bilal

Age: 23 yrs

Address: Haripur

Visit to Hospital: 21st March 2015

Chief Complain: Gradual loss of vision since 5 months.

Family Ocular history: Reitnitis Pigmentosa runs in his family.due to which his father was also Blind.


  • Visual Acuity was 5/60 in both eyes and there no improvement with pinhole.
  • AR showed B/L Error.
  • Pupil Reaction was normal RRR.


  • Slit Lamp Examination showed B/L mature Cataract.
  • Diagnostic Test Blood C.P and E.S.R were normal.

Bilal was referred for fundus evaluation.

2nd visit on 24 March 2015:

  • Fundoscopic Findings showed Retnitis pigmentosa.
  • Advice: Cataract surgery for Right eye and prognosis was explained.
  • IOL power was calculated which were22.00 for right eye and 23.00 for left eye.
  • Right eye cataract surgery was done on 24th March 2015.


Post op Findings for R.E:

  • Lens was in placed and pupil was RRR.
  • A was 6/24 of Right Eye.

3rd Visit on 4th April 2015:

  • Eye was ok lens was in placed and V.A without glasses was 6/18.
  • Advice: Left eye surgery was advised.

Left eye surgery was done on 17th April 2015.

Final Post OP Examination:

After one month of surgery vision was recorded which was 6/18 for both eyes without glasses and no refractive error was found.

Response: M. Bilal was happy and satisfied with good vision and thankful to CMH trust for bringing light and colours to his dull life.