Success Story

CMHN Trust Hospital G8 Markaz Islamabad

Presented By Optometrist Kaukab Khan

Patient Name: Gulzar Bibi

Age: 45 years

Gender: Female

Address: Rawalpindi

Visit to hospital: 10th June 2015


Gulzar Bibi presented to hospital with the complaint of decreased vision and watering since 3 months. She had been using glasses since early childhood and had her last refraction 6 months ago from an optical shop where she was advised with glasses. She was not happy with her thick lensed glasses and wanted to get rid of them.

Gulzar Bibi was also suffering from Thyroid Disease since 16 years and Diabetes Mellitus since last 5 years and was under medication for both.

Visual assessment and refraction revealed following facts:

VASC CF @ 10cm CF @ 30cm
VAPH No Improvement 6/60
VACC CF @ 20cm wid -14.00DS 6/60 wid -16.00DS
AR -25.00/ -0.50 × 155⁰ -22.00/ -4.50 × 23⁰
Refraction 1/60 wid -23.00DS 6/36 wid -23.00/ -2.00 × 20⁰
K-readings K1= 45.75 × 169⁰ K1= 45.75 × 9⁰
  K2=46.25 × 79⁰ K2= 46.50 × 99⁰


Slit lamp examination showed B/L RRR pupils with sluggish response and B/L clear cornea with B/L cataract. Fundus Examination revealed B/L Myopic Maculopathy

Patient was advised B/L cataract extraction and prognosis were explained.

Biometry readings obtained were; RE= -6.00D and LE= -5.00.

-2D IOL power less than the biometry readings were advised for both eyes by our ophthalmologist due to high myopia resulting in RE= -4.00D and LE= -3.00D.



Post OP Findings:

Post OP examination after 1 month revealed following results:

VASC 6/24 6/12p
VAPH No Improvement 6/12
AR +0.75/  -0.50 × 28⁰ +1.00/ -1.00 × 157⁰
Refraction 6/24 wid +0.50/ -0.5 × 30⁰ 6/12 wid +0.75/ -1.00 × 160⁰
K-readings K1= 46.25 × 180⁰ K1= 44.75 × 164⁰
  K2=46.75 × 90⁰ K2= 45.75 × 74⁰



Patient was happy and satisfied as she got rid of her heavy glasses after a long time it was as her dream come true to see the world clearly without glasses. She was very thankful to CMHN trust hospital and staff for their efforts and services.